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Applicants sought for solid waste committee

Ramsey County is seeking applicants for a Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) to assist with revising the Ramsey County Solid Waste Management Plan. 

Ramsey County will revise its solid waste master plan in 2017, as required by law. Public engagement has been a key part of Ramsey County's work on trash and recycling for several decades.

Preferred members of the SWAC will have an interest and/or expertise in one or more of three areas:

  • Source reduction and reuse.
  • Reduction of food waste and management of organic waste. 
  • Management of construction and demolition waste. 

These three areas will receive the most attention in the plan revision.

Committee guidelines

This ad hoc, temporary committee is being created specifically for the 2017 revision of the Ramsey County Solid Waste Management Plan. The committee's role is to discuss and provide input on solid waste management goals and policy direction, particularly for three emerging issues for Ramsey County. The committee will meet 3-4 times during early 2017. 

The SWAC will function as a resource group and sounding board. They will not carry out the extensive and detailed review and comment function of historical advisory committees. Discussions at SWAC meetings will be focused on key questions related to policy direction and development of strategies. The SWAC will not vote on outcomes or policies. 

The committee will be made up of 14 members: 12 appointed by the county board, a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency staff member, and a liaison with the Community Health Services Advisory Committee. The 12 members appointed by the county board will include at least four residents; two businesses or business administrations; three representatives from private waste industry firms; and three municipality representatives. 

An orientation will be offered to members not familiar with solid waste issues. 


To apply, please complete the online application or download and complete the paper application located on the Ramsey County Advisory Boards & Committees webpage.

Applications will be accepted through January 31, 2017. 

Posted on Monday, January 23, 2017 - 2:23 p.m.