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Climate Change and Forests in Minnesota: Alternative Futures


February 22, 2021
7 - 8 p.m.


Zoom Webinar



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Forests in Minnesota have dramatically different futures depending on the CO2 emissions scenario that we follow as a society. For the business as usual scenario, the state would lose all of the boreal forest (cold climate conifer and birch forests of northern MN), and much of the state would support prairies rather than forests by 2070. For a low emissions scenario, forests would experience much smaller changes, with some boreal forest remaining in the north. 

This presentation is by Lee Frelich, Director of the University of Minnesota Center for Forest Ecology. He has over 180 publications with 265 coauthors from 23 countries, and has appeared in the news media over 500 times, including the New York Times and Washington Post. Sponsored by Resilient Roseville, the city’s climate action group, along with Do Good Roseville and the Sierra Club.

This is an online class offered remotely using Zoom communication software. After registration, participants will receive an email from the library approximately three days prior to class with additional instructions including a link (or URL) that will be used as an invitation to enter the online class. If registering within 72 hours of class start time, expect to receive an email with the instructions and link the morning of the event. 

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