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Find computer and internet resources across the county

Many Ramsey County residents currently lack affordable home internet and computers. To help eliminate the digital divide, we’ve launched a new resource, Ramsey Connected.

A list of computer and low-cost internet resources are available at

Built on the belief that internet access is a basic need, Ramsey Connected is an initiative designed to ensure all Ramsey County residents have access to low-cost internet and computers and the skills to use them.

While the county is not an internet service provider, we serve as a promoter, connector and partner for residents to access affordable computer and internet resources.

View computer and internet resources

Improve your computer and job skills

Our Ramsey Connected page also has resources from partners such as North Star Digital Literacy and Saint Paul Public Libraries to help you improve your computer and job skills. For anyone whose job was impacted by COVID-19, Ramsey County Community Career Labs provide in-person and virtual services.

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2022 - 8:06 a.m.