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First-ever Inclusive Workplaces Cohort

Ramsey County, in partnership with the Workforce Innovation Board (WIB), launches the first ever Inclusive Workplaces Cohort on October 14, 2021. This new initiative, in alignment with the Economic Competitiveness & Inclusion Plan, supports 17 local employers in becoming more inclusive workplaces to amplify the diversity of our community as a tool for economic growth. These selected Ramsey County employers will participate in a 10-month peer learning cohort while advancing equity and inclusion in their organizations. Each of the employers has made a commitment of executive leadership participation with an agreement to bring about tangible action or policy changes to their organizations. 

The inaugural cohort includes:

Saint Paul based Center for Economic Inclusion will lead the experience by creating a learning environment that fosters discussion and sharing of ideas, while encouraging accountability through safe and brave spaces for confidentiality. The Center will provide skilled facilitation to guide participants’ learning journeys using a comprehensive racial equity lens and the levers of systems change.

Ramsey County Workforce Solutions Director and WIB Executive Director, Ling Becker stated, “We are thrilled to be supporting committed employers who recognize the opportunity to increase their organization’s success through become inclusive workplaces. I want to thank the WIB for their leadership to drive transformational change for employers and job seekers in Ramsey County.” 

This program is sponsored by the WIB’s Equity Committee with assistance from the WIB’s Partnership and Outreach Committee. The WIB is committed to leading transformational efforts to end systemic inequities.

Additional details about the Inclusive Workplaces Cohort can be found at

Posted on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 - 12:44 p.m.