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Flooding and pothole issues on county roadways

Warming temperatures, rain and February’s record-breaking snow are leading to localized flooding and pothole issues on county roadways.

Thank you for your patience as we deal with these unprecedented conditions. Our crews are working extended shifts and maintaining operations 24/7 to complete repairs.


Our top priority is mitigating localized flooding on county roads by clearing culverts, spill ways, ditches and catch basins to direct water into the storm sewer system.


Crews are also working to address potholes across the nearly 300-mile county road system. Pothole repair is prioritized based on the severity of the potholes and the road’s traffic volume. Large potholes or a significant series of potholes on heavily trafficked streets are repaired first.

Our maintenance team is routinely monitoring several stretches of roadway that are in particularly rough shape. The patch material available for use this time of year only lasts a few days under current weather conditions. ​Potholes will improve and repairs will last longer in the weeks ahead as roads are able to dry out from the spring snow melt.

Consider using alternate routes when possible to avoid rough areas.

Report an issue

We appreciate your help in identifying problems on county roadways. Use our online reporting form to submit a problem to our maintenance team. Items will be added to our repair list based on priority.

Report an issue

Thank you again for your patience.

Residential and commercial flooding

We are not responsible for residential or commercial flooding. Tips on how to reduce the risk of basement flooding are available in this KARE 11 article on the spring thaw.

Emergency Management & Homeland Security strongly encourages homeowners, renters and businesses to review their insurance coverage and consider adding flood insurance. Now is the time to act; there is a 30-day wait period before policies go into effect.

Flood insurance and cleanup information

Posted on Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 1:38 p.m.