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Flooding clean up and preparation tips

The recent record-breaking snowfall has created an increased risk of major flooding this spring across Ramsey County. Many homes and apartments that have never experienced flooding may have issues this year.

A flood warning remains in effect for the Mississippi River in Saint Paul. Residents are encouraged to check the National Weather Service website for updates.

Cleanup resources

Think safety first when cleaning up after flooding:

  • If you suspect electric items may be underwater, don't touch the water.
  • Identify the source of the water and seal window wells or shovel piled snow further from your home if you are able.
  • Get as much water out of the flooded area as you can. Wet/Dry shop vacuums, mops wrung into buckets, etc., can help if the water isn’t very deep.  
  • Remove electric items and hazardous materials such as gasoline and chemicals from areas that are at risk of flooding.
  • Take pictures for your records. Report damage to your insurance company.

Download a minor flooding cleanup checklist

Additional cleanup and safety resources:

Flood insurance

Emergency Management & Homeland Security encourages homeowners, renters and businesses to review their current insurance policies and consider adding flood coverage. The time to act is now; there's a 30-day period before policies go into effect.

The Mississippi River banks are an official flood plain, but flooding can also happen in our community along creeks and streams, low-lying areas, drainage ditches, lakes or anywhere snow melts too quickly or rain falls too heavily.

Other resources

Household hazardous waste

Help protect our water sources by keeping toxic chemicals out of flood waters.

If you're experiencing - or at risk of experiencing - flooding in your basement, garage or shed, make sure to move paint, gasoline, fertilizers and other chemicals off of the ground.

You can also bring any unwanted chemicals to our free household hazardous waste collection site in Saint Paul.

Posted on Monday, March 11, 2019 - 10:26 a.m.