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Food Security & Basic Needs Community Conversation


September 28, 2020
4:30-5:30 p.m.


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This event will be a community conversation about food security and basic needs. The conversation will include an update on the county’s work to address the priority areas identified this spring through community engagement, including investing CARES funding in food and basic needs through RISE programs and contracts.

All are welcome; we especially encourage participation from community members and providers that have been previously engaged in food security work, as well as individuals or groups who’ve received or provide services in response to the pandemic.

Priority areas:

  • Amplify and connect community to school food programs to feed the whole family.
  • Connect community to financial assistance and benefits.
  • Connect community to existing and new food and essential services.
  • Ensure individuals/households who are homebound have access to food and essential services.
  • Amplify food and basic needs distribution sites and alternatives.
  • Provide a centralized location and administrative coordination of community and business efforts, communications, donations and volunteers.
  • Increase capacity and access to public gardens, including equipment and materials.
  • Partner with community and county partners to meet food needs of individuals who are homeless.
  • Increase transportation options for community.
  • Track usage, anticipate demand, provide continuous improvement recommendations and performance metrics in partnership with community throughout the response.
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