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Megan Koral and Andrea Jamison receive employee recognition awards

Two county employees were presented with employee achievement awards at the Nov. 9 board of commissioners meeting:

  • Megan Koral, health educator in the Communications & Public Relations department.
  • Andrea Jamison, paralegal in the Ramsey County Attorney's Office.

Ms. Koral was nominated for a Ramsey County Employee Achievement Award in the category of Excellent Job Performance. Ms. Koral has been essential to the success of numerous responses to a range of public health emergencies over the last two decades. She is the embodiment of the county’s Residents First focus by working every day to make the information and design of webpages, flyers, brochures, signage and newsletters more accessible and easier to understand. She has helped to draft communications surrounding Ebola, lead poisoning, H1N1, COVID-19 and many public health issues. Her attitude and work is truly appreciated by public health and the other departments she interacts with.

Ms. Jamison was nominated for a Ramsey County Employee Achievement Award in the category of Excellent Job Performance. Ms. Jamison’s performance, leadership, teamwork and can-do attitude have impressed her co-workers from day one of her two years on the paralegal team. Rather than waiting to be told what to do, Ms. Jamison uses her creativity and problem-solving skills to bring new ideas to the table. She is leading a team transition to a new case management system, exploring the new software and how it could work for her team. Her timeliness is described as “otherworldly” - she turns projects around quickly and is a leader even in fields to which she is not assigned. On top of everything she does for Ramsey County, Ms. Jamison is also a full-time law student. 

Congratulation to Ms. Koral and Ms. Jamison on this distinguished recognition!

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Posted on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 - 10:41 a.m.