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Potential blue green algae at Battle Creek Off Leash Dog Area

June 8 update: The results of the fourth test for blue-green algae have returned and show a high level of blue-green algae cells. While the level tested high, the amount was below the level typically required to produce levels of toxin that are dangerous to dogs and people.

Blue-green algae can increase rapidly, however, especially during hot weather. Due to current forecasts, the pond will remain closed as a precautionary measure. Staff will continue to monitor the pond and reopen it once levels are lower.

June 1: On May 31, Ramsey County Parks & Recreation became aware of algae blooms in a pond at Battle Creek Off Leash Dog Area that showed characteristics of blue-green algae. The pond has been tested and currently meets three of the four criteria for hazardous algae blooms. A fourth test is still pending.

At this time signs have been posted near the pond alerting visitors to the algae and the gate has been chained and locked. No people or animals should enter or drink the water in the pond. The pond will be tested weekly to monitor toxicity levels. It will be re-opened once the water is considered safe for people and pets.

Blue-green algae blooms can contain toxins or other noxious chemicals, which pose harmful health risks to humans and animals alike. People and animals may develop skin irritation or upper respiratory infections from exposure to hazardous algae blooms and in extreme cases, dogs and other animals have died after drinking lake water containing these toxins.

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Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - 5:00 p.m.