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Ramsey County under excessive heat warning July 24-25

An excessive heat warning is in effect for Ramsey County from noon on Friday, July 24 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 25. Dangerously hot and humid conditions are expected. Outdoor air temperatures may feel as hot as 103 degrees. Residents should check on relatives, neighbors, seniors and others with health conditions that are vulnerable to extreme heat, to make sure they are staying hydrated and safe.

Health and safety tips

Tips for staying safe and healthy during high temperatures are available on the Extreme Heat page.

Temperatures are forecast to remain high into the evening and overnight, providing little relief from the sustained heat. Tips for staying cool at home: 

  • Use fans carefully. At these temperatures, fans may actually increase heat instead of cooling. 
  • Open windows to let breeze in - especially windows on opposite sides of a room to help create a cross breeze.
  • Turn on bathroom and kitchen vent fans to pull hot air out of those rooms.
  • Take cold showers or baths or wipe your skin with cool water to increase your body’s ability to cool itself. 
  • Drink cold hydrating drinks - avoid alcohol and other diuretic drinks. 
  • Avoid using the oven or stove to cook.
  • Check on friends, family and neighbors. Keep a close eye on children, pets and anyone with a medical condition that makes heat more dangerous for them.

Remember: Heat stroke is a life threatening condition - call 911 for anyone showing signs

Cooling spaces in Ramsey County

Stay in air conditioned spaces as much as possible. A map of cooling spaces open to the public for use during extreme heat is available below. As a result of COVID-19, some of the spaces on the map may be closed, have changes in access, hours or the number of people allowed. Please check the website of the spaces listed on the map to determine if and when it is accessible under current restrictions with COVID-19.  A link to the website of the organization that operates the space is included in the information about the site.

View public cooling spaces in Ramsey County

Posted on Thursday, July 23, 2020 - 4:00 p.m.