Housing Stability in Ramsey County

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Since 2019, a county and city staff workgroup has met regularly to develop and act on solutions that address a serious challenge many communities across the country are facing, including Ramsey County: unsheltered homelessness. The current COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent economic downturn have only further exacerbated the present housing crisis.

The pandemic and its many resulting crises have increased the number of people experiencing homelessness in our community – and many of them are still navigating these challenges today. Ramsey County, the City of Saint Paul and other partners have been working quickly to add additional shelter beds. The need for additional action on this issue, even temporarily, is overwhelming.

Over the past year, the county has invested more than $20 million toward serving people who are experiencing homelessness in our community. This has resulted in more than 500 beds being added to the shelter system as well as a day shelter that provides indoor space for unsheltered individuals to escape weather conditions, access bathrooms and connect with essential social services.

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Bethesda Shelter

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