County Manager Column from June 23, 2020

This column was originally published as a "From the County Manager" column on our employee intranet.

Commissioners address alleged incident at Adult Detention Center

Following allegations by Ramsey County employees working at the Adult Detention Center that were widely reported on over the weekend, our board of commissioners had an extensive discussion at their meeting this morning.

The conversation is central in relating our Ramsey County vision - a vibrant community where are all valued and thrive - to our work. I turn over the rest of this week’s column to the board of commissioners to share their words with you.

Read Board Chair Toni Carter's statement

Watch the video of the full board discussion from June 23, 2020 
(begins at 55:00 - When viewing board meeting videos, Chrome is the preferred browser.)

Thanks to every one of you that work hard to align our words and vision every day. You are noticed and appreciated.