County Manager Column from June 30, 2020

This column was originally published as a "From the County Manager" column on our employee intranet.

Guest video: COVID-19 Public Health update

This week I'm pleased to welcome Public Health Director Kathy Hedin as a guest for a video update on the latest trends with COVID-19. 

Many in our organization and community who maybe hadn't known Kathy before have gotten to know her through her weekly COVID-19 updates during Tuesday County Board meetings. Each week, we have posted those videos in Ramsey News and on social media as well as sharing them with residents through the broadcasts of our city and suburban cable television partners. 

Without a scheduled board meeting this week, this video provides both the latest public health situation and trends as well as messages for employees:

  • Hospitalizations and ICU use continue to trend down in Minnesota.
  • COVID-19 continues to disproportionately affect communities of color.
  • Other states (like Arizona, Florida and Texas) have seen very high numbers of positive cases in the past week.
  • Continue to social distance, stay home when possible and follow health best practices like wearing a mask and washing your hands.
  • Thanks to all employees for doing your part to help support the Public Health department and the community during this pandemic.

I encourage you to take a few minutes out to watch the video to continue visiting for the latest information.

Thanks for all you do!