COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQs for Employees

Contact information and resources:

  • For general HR questions and guidance, staff members should contact their HR generalist.
  • For questions regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act, the department should contact their Payroll and Transactions contact.
  • For guidance to employees for exposure to presumptive or confirmed COVID-19 - view the help guide
  • For questions involving collective bargaining agreement terms, managers or supervisors should contact Alison Kelly.
  • If you have questions not addressed here and you are not able to obtain guidance from your manager or supervisor, contact Ann Feaman or Sandi Blaeser.
  • For general COVID-19 questions, visit the Coronavirus Disease 2019 page.
  • Check RamseyNet for the county's cloth face mask policy and Ramsey News for updates.

See below for answers to frequently asked questions about COVID-19/coronavirus.


Face coverings

Buildings and workplace

Paid Extraordinary Pandemic Event Leave (PEPEL)

Workspace cleaning and disinfecting

Health insurance, workers' compensation and short-term disability

Workspace alerts

Employee training

Telecommuting and remote work