COVID-19 Employee Vaccination or Testing Requirements

With cases of COVID-19 rising as a result of the delta variant, a policy requiring all employees to be vaccinated or tested regularly is in development. Information on the policy start date, how to show proof of vaccination or get tested, and a vaccination financial incentive is expected soon. Please stay tuned to Ramsey News and refer back to this page for the most up-to-date information about the vaccination or testing policy.

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Frequently asked questions

This section will be updated regularly with new frequently asked questions. For FAQs about the vaccine or other employee questions, please visit our COVID-19 FAQs for employees page.

Vaccine incentive

Third vaccine (booster)

Medical exemption

Tracking vaccines or testing

Exposure protocols



Free vaccine is now widely available at locations throughout the community. Visit our COVID-19 vaccine page for a schedule of Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health clinics, state and partner sites, and other places you can get the COVID-19 vaccine.

There are no vaccination clinics scheduled specifically for county employees at this time. Please stay tuned to Ramsey News and refer back to this page for the most up-to-date information. The county will have a financial incentive for employees who are vaccinated. More details are coming soon.

Proof of vaccination

What to do if you lose your vaccine card:


The new policy will require regular testing for all county employees who have not provided proof of vaccination against COVID-19. After the policy is finalized, details on how testing will be administered will be available on this page. The county will require polymerase chain reaction tests, also known as PCR tests. These molecular tests detect the virus's genetic material and are the most accurate tests for detecting the virus that causes COVID-19. The rapid result/antigen type of COVID-19 testing is less accurate.

Employees with an immediate need or concern can view the Minnesota COVID-19 testing sites map to find testing locations. For the most accurate results, select one of the PCR test type options (nasal swab PCR, oral swab PCR, saliva PCR, etc.) in the “type of test” field when searching the map. You can also visit the county's COVID-19 testing sites page for more information on who should get tested.

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