RISE Branding Files & Information

The RISE logo is a special use logo created to visually tie together all initiative and services within the Ramsey County Investment and Support Efforts (RISE) program. It was designed to fit within the Ramsey County brand architecture and guidelines.

The RISE logo should only be used by the county and vendors partnering with us to provide RISE services.

The guidelines below will help you properly use the RISE logo and colors on print and digital communications including, but not limited to, brochures, flyers, social media graphics, advertisements, presentations, videos, signage, websites, billboards and other items. 

For questions, please contact Communications & Public Relations.

General guidelines

  • The RISE logo should never be re-typeset or recreated. Original files should be used to maintain brand consistency. 
  • Do not modify the color schemes, font type or sizes, or layout and design of the logo for any reason. 
  • RISE Logo showing the clearspace needed around the logo. Clear space: Clear space is the area surrounding the logo that must always be free of text or any graphic elements. This ensures that the logo stands out distinctively. The height of the letters in "Ramsey County" is equal to the amount of clear space that should surround the logo. More clear space may be given, but never less. (See image on the right. The clear space of the logo is 1x, where x is equal to the height of the letters in "Ramsey County".)
  • When utilizing the RISE logo for print, online or additional projects: 
    • Do not alter the color. 
    • Never distort or stretch the logo. 
    • Do not add graphic effects. 
  • Co-branding: Always maintain proper clear space around the logo and use approved typography for secondary messaging. When appropriate, separate messaging or third-party logos by a thin line or adequate white space. 

Primary logo

RISE, Ramsey County Investment and Support Efforts

The primary logo (image shown above) should be used on all materials. Always use the original logo file when utilizing the logo file. Never re-create it or alter it in any way.  


Right click the link and select 'Save link as' to save the image onto your computer. 

If you need the EPS version of the RISE logo or have questions about which file to use, please contact Communications & Public Relations.

Program area branding

Program lockups for the three primary RISE areas have been developed for use in communications. The program area lockups with the county logo should be utilized when introducing programs that fall within a specific area. Please contact Communications & Public Relations to request these files. 


Dark grey
C=0 M=0, Y=0, K=80                                                                           
R=88, G=89, B=91
HTML: 58595B

Bright orange
C=0, M=30, Y=100, K=0
R=240, G=171, B=0