Apply for a TechPak

TeckPak Enrollment is curently closed.

If you recently applied for a TechPak, we will notify you of your status by October 7.

COVID-19 related resources:

COVID-19 impacted residents can apply during open enrollment periods. Entries are accepted at or by calling 651-266-6002 during the following dates only:

  • Sep. 30-Oct. 2 (notification will be sent on Oct. 7)
  • Nov. 2-4 (notification will be sent on Nov. 9)

One entry per resident will be accepted each month and only one TechPak will be awarded per residence. All applicants will be notified of their status throughout the process shortly after each enrollment period closes.

Due to high demand, not everyone who applies will receive a TechPak. If you were selected to receive a TechPak, your notification will confirm your preferred pick up location along with pick up instructions.

If you applied and were not notified regarding your status, please call 651-266-6002.