Employee Open Enrollment for 2021 Benefits

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As in prior years, you will make your open enrollment elections online in Summit again this year. Online enrollment directions are included on this website for your assistance. Contact your Department Benefit Representative (PDF) if you need help completing your benefit  enrollment.

Please read through the Employee Insurance Benefit Plan Reference Guide (PDF) so that you have the necessary information to select your insurance coverage and benefits for 2021. No open enrollment meetings are scheduled  this year due to the COVID pandemic.

Deadline for Elections

The deadline for submitting your elections for the 2021 plan year is November 16.

  • If you want to continue participating in the Pre-Tax Health Care Reimbursement Program (HCRP) or Dependent Care Reimbursement Program (DCRP), you must make a new election each year.  Your participation will terminate if you don't make an election..
  • If you want your insurance elections to remain the same and are not enrolling in the HCRP or DCRP in 2021, you do not need to take any action .

Medical Insurance - HealthPartners Distinctions

Dental Insurance - HealthPartners Dental

Life Insurance - Minnesota Life

Disability Insurance - Madison National

Pre-Tax Plans - HCRP and DCRP