Level Up Week

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A week of self exploration, career and education events and activities. Level Up Week, held Nov.30-Dec.4 was a new initiative for Ramsey County youth and young adults (ages 14-24) to learn more about themselves and their futures. Through completing five events, activities or lessons – and getting a BINGO! – young people could enter to win a $20 Target gift card.

The gift card drawing

Once you have marked a bingo on your card, please email the card, any of the documents that the activities require, your name and mailing address to [email protected] by Wednesday, December 9 at 4 p.m. On Thursday December 10, a random drawing will be completed and 300 young people who turned in their bingo cards will be selected. These 300 young people will receive their $20 Target gift card in the mail shortly after.

Funding for Level Up Week wass provided through the Ramsey County Investment and Support Efforts (RISE) program.