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Ramsey County Elections has created and compiled educational resources and outreach materials for educators, students, community partners and voters. All documents are PDF unless otherwise indicated.

Ramsey County voter engagement work


  • Develop and deliver programs to improve civic education in Ramsey County.
  • Create educational materials and connect voters to resources to encourage research into voting, elections and the government processes beyond voting.
  • Increase voter participation countywide, focusing efforts on low turnout in specific areas, voters between the ages of 18-24 and voters who may have barriers to registration and voting.
  • Coordinate with community partners to conduct voter outreach efforts in registration, absentee voting, election judge recruitment and general civic education.
  • Improve services offered to voters, such as language translation options and accessibility in service delivery, in addition to accessible voting locations for all Ramsey County residents.
  • Recruit new election judges ages 18-24 who may be new voters, to influence turnout in that age group now and in all future elections.
  • Evaluate outreach efforts - communicate and update the community on voter participation, particularly where we, as a community, can work better to communicate with and include voters in the process.


Ramsey County has over 325,000 registered voters, and an estimated 50,000 more residents are eligible to vote. We would like all residents who are eligible to be registered and we would like to connect with the community each election so voters can have their voices heard in local, state and federal realms. 

Presentations and research

Election judge recruitment 

What is an election judge?

Election judges work to run a polling place on Election Day, helping voters through the process of getting a ballot and making their voices heard. Election judges may perform several duties throughout the day: greeting voters, helping voters register, checking in registered voters, explaining how to mark a ballot and more.

What are the benefits of serving as an election judge?

  • Serve your community.
  • See democracy in action.
  • Make connections with others.
  • Use your language skills.
  • Learn or grow skills for your resume.
  • Earn some cash for training and the hours you work.

Recruiting election judges

The number one reason election judges sign up and serve is because they have heard from another election judge about the opportunity and experience. If you are a current election judge, please talk to your friends and neighbors about why you serve and how you feel the role impacts the community!

If you are interested in recruiting election judges through your organization or in your community, here are a few focuses we suggest:

  • High school students (16 to 17 years old) and college students.
  • Professional development and networking opportunities.
  • Languages in addition to English - especially Spanish, Somali, Hmong, Karen and American Sign Language.
  • Representation within the community.
  • People interested in civic engagement and education

Please contact us if you would like materials to assist you in recruiting election judges.

How do people apply to work?

Direct interested folks to our election judge page where they can see if they are eligible to work, express interest in working and view frequently asked questions. They may also contact our office directly to ask questions.