Current Projects

The Soil & Water Conservation Division is involved in several projects to assist in conserving and enhancing natural resources in Ramsey County. 

Lilydale Regional Park 

The Soil & Water Conservation Division has received $925,811 in 2014 flood relief funding from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources to be used to improve the conditions of Lilydale Regional Park. Saint Paul Parks and Recreation, the park operators, will provide guidance on how to spend the funds as part of efforts by several government agencies to make the park completely open to the public again. 

Lilydale Regional Park is a 380-acre park near downtown Saint Paul. The area was originally used in the late 1800s until the 1970s to mine clay and silica. Stormwater runoff into the mining areas has caused landslides and erosion problems. The increased erosion of the ravines and clay pits has led to more dirty sediment moving downstream to Pickerel Lake and the Mississippi River and has created water quality concerns. Additionally, the grounds have become unstable with the potential for sudden collapse from the increased erosion and exposed slopes. 

After considerable study of the area including slope stability, soil suction, high risk areas and other factors, project partners are working together to restore the stability of the most vulnerable slopes and ravines. The unique features of the site will be preserved throughout the restoration process. The project will benefit public safety and water quality from a reduction in stormwater runoff. 

For more information, email Joe Lochner or call 651-266-7273.

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