Tamarack Birthday Party Themes and Fees

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Most party themes can be modified to fit other age groups. Please inquire upon booking.

Seasonal parties

Fee: $190

  • 3+ Apple Cidering (Fall)*
    Celebrate your birthday by pressing and tasting your own apple cider. Explore the connections between flowers and bees, and create an apple-themed craft to take home! Then go on a fall hike to see the traveling habits of seeds.  
  • 3 + Growing in the Garden (May-Sept.)*
    Explore how our garden grows. Go on a garden scavenger hunt to find different plants and insects using all five senses. Help the gardeners and learn how plants grow and decorate a pot to start a seed at home.
  • 3+ Maple Syruping (March only)*
    Have a sweet birthday party at Tamarack Nature Center! We will tap a maple tree for syrup, visit the Sugar Shack, and finally taste the sweet reward of all the hard work that goes into making real maple syrup.
  • 5+ Buggy Bash (May-Sept.)*
    Crawl into the world of bugs as we sweep the field in search of insects.  We will play buggy games and make a cool bug box. Wet weather options include pond dipping or log rolling so prepare to be outside. 
  • 3+ Snowshoeing (Winter, 6+ inches of snow required)* or
    7+ Nordic Skiing (Winter, 6+ inches of snow required)*
  • Enjoy an outing on skis or snowshoes. Party includes a brief ski or snowshoe lesson, games and a chance to explore part of the trail, looking for animal signs along the way. If poor trail conditions exist, tracking and winter survival activities are planned.

Year-round parties

Ages 3+

Goin’ on a Bear Hunt 
Bring your favorite bear along to join us in our hunt for bears and bear signs on Tamarack’s trails. Touch a bear fur, examine a bear skull and learn all about Minnesota bears.

Ready, Set, Explore!
Grab your backpack and field journal and explore Tamarack adventurer style. We will make a spotting scope, follow a map on an adventure and meet a live animal from Tamarack Nature Center.

Ages 4+

Dino Dig!
Explore the prehistoric world with this fun, interactive party.  Get out on the trail to learn more about dinosaurs and Minnesota’s prehistoric landscape; become an archaeologist for a day and search for signs of dinosaurs at Tamarack!

Forest Fairies
Discover the magical world of the fairy folk and explore the woodland in search of these secretive creatures. Tip-toe along the trail, build fairy homes and create your own fairy to take home!

Ages 5+

Fee: $210
All About  Owls*
This party is a hoot!  Come learn about what makes owls so different from other birds as we go on a hike to look for owls around Tamarack, looking for clues like owl pellets and owl nests. After the hike, meet one of the ambassador owls that lives here at the nature center. Only available on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.

Animal Superheroes
Animals have some pretty amazing abilities. Learn more about these super powers as we go on a super hero hike to see how we compare to these animal superheroes. 

Backyard Wildlife
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Not at Tamarack. Pick a category and learn about the animals in your backyard. Go on a hike to discover different habitats and animals that live there. We will round out our program with an up-close look at one of Tamarack’s live or mounted critters. Choices: mammals, reptiles or amphibians.

Party Pirates
Aaaargh, is it a birthday adventure ye be seeking?  The pirates of Tamarack have hidden a treasure and you need to lead the way. First, make a treasure box, then decipher the clues to figure out where the treasure is. Can you put it all together before time runs out?

Wild Things!
Make masks and transform into wild things!  We will read Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak and hike the trails in search of your own wild things. Back inside, we will meet a Tamarack “wild thing” of your choice.

Ages 7+

Camp-It, Survive-It
Bring out the Daniel Boone in you!  Hone your woodland survival skills while having fun at the same time. Set trail signs for your friends to follow and test your shelter building skills while exploring the woods of Tamarack.