Modified Arena Procedures

Ramsey County arenas aim to provide the best experience while still meeting public health best practices to keep all arena patrons safe. 

Arena COVID-19 policies have been developed with recommendations and guidelines from the executive orders issued by Governor Walz, the Minnesota Department of Health's Guidelines for Youth and Adult Sports, Minnesota Department of Education for high school activities, Minnesota Hockey and USA Hockey. 

View Arena System Preparedness Plan (PDF)

General restrictions

  • Anyone with symptoms of illness or who have family members with symptoms of illness, has tested positive for COVID-19, or been exposed to a person whom has tested positive for COVID-19, should stay home and not participate in team activities and follow CDC and Health Department rules and guidelines for self-quarantine.
  • While indoors, face coverings are recommended for people who are not vaccinated.
  • We recommend skaters, coaches/instructors and spectators to limit their time inside the facility and skaters arrive partially dressed when possible.
  • No team warmup or dryland drills inside of facilities unless it is in designated spaces and arranged ahead of time.
  • User groups are recommended to still have consistent pods of people on the ice including skaters, coaches, instructors, and/or volunteers during practices, the size of the pod is limited to what the number of limit skaters, coaches, instructors and/or volunteers that can safely be on the ice (same as pre-COVID).
  • It is recommended that skaters maintain at least six feet of space between themselves when they are not participating, when applicable.
  • No spitting, yelling or other actions that may cause additional droplet spray.


  • It is recommended that all spectators/parents must self-screen their health prior to arriving in facility (We recommend the CDC's Coronavirus Self-checker, click Get Started.)
  • Face coverings are no longer required for spectators and parents while inside any Ramsey County arena.
  • It is recommended that spectators remain socially distanced if, especially is unvaccinated.  
  • There will be disinfectant spray bottles and wipes near bleachers if spectators desire to clean the area they will be occupying.
  • We recommend limiting the amount of time spent inside the arenas.

User group responsibilities

Updated user group preparedness plan

All user groups are required by the Minnesota Department of Health to also have their own updated individual preparedness plan in place to protect their employees, volunteers, skaters, coaches, members, visiting teams and visitors. Ramsey County has provided a template to help in plan development or organizations may develop their own plan. has provided guidance and templates for required information on COVID-19 Preparedness.

COVID-19 Plan Administrator

All user groups must have a COVID-19 Plan Administrator who is responsible to ensure the plan is evaluated, monitored, executed and updated as needed.

Health & safety screenings and testing

It is recommended that all user groups develop their own health and safety screening policies and procedures, for their skaters, coaches/instructors and volunteers prior to any on-ice activity. Spectators, and other persons when allowed to attend their activities and events should be directed to self-screen at home prior to entry to the arena. We recommend using the Minnesota Department of Health Visitor and Employee Health Screening Checklist.

Additionally, unvaccinated participants are strongly recommended by the Minnesota Department of Health to test weekly and test 72 hours prior to a game or competition.