Beaver Lake County Park Master Plan

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Ramsey County is preparing a new redevelopment plan for Beaver Lake County Park. Extensive community engagement opportunities will help determine infrastructure improvements and new recreational activities.

Overall project goal and objectives

Project goal

Create a new county park redevelopment plan based on the project objectives and the county's vision, mission and goals in order to apply uniform standards and amenities for natural resource, infrastructure, recreation and programming improvements to ensure high quality community spaces and experiences.

Project objectives

  • Plan and facilitate a public involvement process with meaningful engagement. 
  • Obtain feedback from people living in the neighborhood surrounding Beaver Lake County Park with an emphasis on obtaining feedback from people of color.
  • Provide recreational facilities and amenities that represent the needs and wants of the neighborhood community.
  • Provide high quality community spaces that promote an enriched culture for all people, ages and abilities.
  • Provide recreational facilities and amenities that complement the natural resource base.
  • Incorporate sustainability and green infrastructure for long-term resiliency.

Community engagement

Pop-up events and community meetings will be held virtually and within the park. Feedback will help determine park infrastructure improvements and new recreational opportunities. Community members will have the opportunity to share their vision of what the park should look like with planners and park designers.


Help us design Beaver Lake County Park by sharing your ideas for park infrastructure improvements and new recreational opportunities.

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Community pop-up event

Come chat with us at the park. Stop by our table to learn more about the master plan project. The event will keep social distancing in mind, allowing participants to provide feedback and ideas from afar. 

Saturday, July 25, 9 - 11 a.m
Beaver Lake County Park parking lot/playground

Beaver Lake County Park project video