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Master Plan Amendment

Since the development of the Bruce Vento Trail Master Plan in 1993, the trail has been a highly popular multi-use trail corridor for Ramsey County residents. The 13-mile trail extends from the east side of downtown Saint Paul to the north county line in White Bear Township through the cities of Saint Paul, Maplewood, Vadnais Heights, Gem Lake, White Bear Lake and White Bear Township.

The southern seven-mile segment of the regional trail was completed in 2005 from downtown Saint Paul to Buerkle Road in White Bear Lake on former Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railway. The remaining six-miles of trail was planned to be constructed on BNSF railway, however, this section of trail has remained undeveloped because the railway remains active.

The master plan amendment includes the Bruce Vento Regional Trail corridor within the Ramsey County park system from Larpentuer Avenue to County J.   There are several changes and projects planned for alternative trail alignments north of Buerkle Road including amenity improvements, trailhead development and integration with the Rush Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) improvements.

The master plan update will include:

  • Boundaries and acquisition costs.
  • Demand forecast.
  • Development concept.
  • Conflicts.
  • Public services.
  • Operations.
  • Public engagement and participation.
  • Accessibility.

In efforts to extend the regional trail to County Road J, Ramsey County Parks & Recreation has initiated two regional trail projects:

Once completed, both projects will remove significant barriers for northern communities in Ramsey County connecting to the regional trail system in addition to many local trail connections.  This project will also complete a major gap in the National US Bike Route 41 (USBR 41) for connections north of Ramsey County to Duluth.

Overall project goals

1. Complete an updated master plan for the Bruce Vento Regional Trail.

  • Identify a preferred trail alignment for sections north of Buerkle Road.
  • Integration with the Rush Line BRT.
  • Additional trail amenities.
  • Trailhead development.
  • Wayfinding improvements.
  • Identify recreation opportunities.
    • Public art.
    • Culturally significant areas.
    • Endangered wildlife areas.
  • Identify potential acquisition opportunities.

2. Complete Extension of trail from Buerkle Road to County Road J.

  • Complete implementation of Bruce Vento Regional Trail.
  • Provide main trail route for USBR 41 through Ramsey County.
  • Provide trail connections to communities through the regional trail corridor and Rush Line BRT.
  • Host additional community engagement meetings to seek input and design options.
  • Amend the Bruce Vento Regional Trail Master Plan to illustrate trail improvements, and trail re-alignment from Larpenteur Avenue to County Road J.

3. Align with Regional Solicitation Funding Opportunities for implementation.

Community Engagement​

Previous community engagement meetings