Tamarack Nature Center Final Development Projects

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Tamarack Nature Center is in the middle stages of a ten-year master planned project entitled Destination for Discovery. Guided by Tamarack's 2007 strategic plan, the final design phase of the project includes updates to existing building facilities, a new programming building, redesigned sugar shack, restrooms, outdoor classroom shelters and a new maintenance a facility. These new facilities will complement the already constructed Early Learning Center, nature discovery area, garden area and natural surroundings. The objective is to finish the master plan buildout designs to then secure funding to construct the remaining facilities. 


  • Final design plans – spring 2020.
  • Construction – contingent upon funding.

Garden House remodel

The Garden House remodel is the first project to be started for the final development of the “A Destination for Discovery” vision for Tamarack. This project will make improvements and required code updates to the existing garden house building to better serve the public and accommodate the programs that it is used for. The project will consist of several renovations and will include; a small cold storage addition, updates to the kitchen to bring it up to code, alterations to the exterior building envelop that will allow the garden house to be winterized for year round use, and lastly, the addition of a restroom.


  • Construction begins – October 2020 - May 2021.