Friday Favorites

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Friday Favorites are one-day mini-camps for children ages 6-12.
Sessions are $25 each and run from 9 a.m. - noon.

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Nature-scape Watercolors

July 13 
It is easy to carry watercolors everywhere you go, and paint en plein aire. Practice a few watercolor techniques in the garden, then hike to find the perfect spot. Finally, create amazing paintings based on what you see-plus what you can imagine!

Pioneer Play

July 20 
What did children do long ago without electronic toys or TV? After their chores were done, they PLAYED GAMES they made themselves. Play new games and make some to take home. Join us for a rip-roaring time, just like in the old days! 

Wild Weaving 

July 27
Take a lesson from nature’s first weavers: birds and spiders! Have some fun and GO WILD as you twist, spin and weave with nature’s fibers and colorful yarn. You’ll learn a string game, weave a twig, and make a simple loom as you begin a project to finish at home.

Turtles & Company

August 3
Who is cold-blooded, lays eggs and has a body covered in scales or slime? A herp! Don’t know what that is? Learn about these fascinating animals as you make herp art and play a herp game. Complete your knowledge as you meet Tamarack’s resident herps and learn their stories: a snake, a salamander, a frog and a turtle! 

Phenomenal Paper Creations

August 10 
Who invented paper? The answer will surprise you! You will learn how to make paper pulp, sculpt it, and combine it with natural leaves and flowers to make one-of-a-kind paper! Bring some newspaper and a cookie sheet (or cardboard box) to take your creations home.