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Explorers day camps are offered to children entering 3rd or 4th grade, unless otherwise noted.
Explorers camps are held Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
​All sessions are $199 for a four-day camp session unless otherwise noted.

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Registration for 2019 Summer Camps is open. Please log in through the registration system to see which camps have availability.

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Outdoor Adventures 

June 17 - 20 
Can you conquer questing, grokking and archery? Test your map and compass skills in search of messages. Canoe on Lake Johanna and try your hand at outdoor games. You never know when these skills will come in handy. Drop-off and pick-up will be at Tony Schmidt Regional Park on Wednesday, June 19.

Forestland Adventure 

June 24 - 27
Extended ages camp
Have fun in our forest. Build with sticks and find you inner explorer. Learn the trees that make each forest unique and learn about the animals and birds that make them home

Kitchen Chemistry

June 24 - 27
Can you make cereal jump and float on a table? Ever turned flower petals into candy? Have fun in the kitchen, making your own treat using nature’s ingredients. Add fizz to soda and concoct ooey-gooey chemistry experiments. Take home recipes to amaze family and friends.

Marsh Madness

July 8 - 11 
Grab your boots and stomp through the swamp in search of the slimy, slippery and stinky life in this watery world. Can you use a microscope to find the mad dash of tiny critters in a drop of water? Make a toad abode, hunt for frogs, create mud art and capture marsh animal tracks.

Pirates of Tamarack 

July 15 - 18
“Ahoy there, Matey.” Navigate the high water and search for hidden treasures. Explore map activities, then add a compass and follow an orienteering course. Build your own ship using natural materials— be sure it floats! Round out the week on a canoe adventure to Otter Lake. Transportation will be provided for all field trips.

Raptor Replay 

July 15 - 18
Extended ages camp

Back by popular demand- Tamarack and the Raptor Center partner to offer an up-close raptor experience! Meet a variety of raptors and learn how they and humans have impacted each other throughout history. A special trip to the Raptor Center will help you discover the ways people can help birds of prey survive 21st century challenges.Transportation will be provided for all field trips.

Games Galore 

July 22 - 25
Test your skills at archery, traverse an obstacle course in the Outdoor Olympics and have a campfire race with a sweet reward for the winner(s)! Learn about your individual strengths and the power of a team during this action- packed week. Field trip to Battle Creek Water Works. Field trip to Waterworks. Transportation provided.

Great Nature Geek-Out!

July 29 - Aug. 1
We are all things nature around here. Team up with others who like to play in the woods, harvest the garden and explore from prairie and pond. Get your Nature Geek on!​

Drama in the Wild

Aug. 5 - 8
Extended ages camp

Drama occurs in nature every day—come join in the fun! Draw inspiration from the natural world as we explore Tamarack trails and set the stage. Learn key theater skills to write a script, create costumes and perform your play! Have fun during this unique pairing of drama and the wild.

Best of Explorers

Aug. 12 - 18
Celebrate the end of summer with a grab bag of camp fun. We’ll keep track of the best, most popular activities and recreate the magic of summer. You never know what’ll make the list, so stay tuned! Drop-off and pick-up will be at Tony Schmidt Regional Park on Wednesday, Aug. 14.