Sprouts Camps

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Sprouts day camps are offered in combination with Critters day camps and are available to children ages 3 - entering Kindergarten.
All campers must be bathroom independent before the first day of camp. 
All sessions are $99 for a four-day camp session, unless otherwise noted. 
Sprouts camps are held from 9 a.m. - noon, Monday-Thursday. 

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Registration is now open for 2020 summer day camps.

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Ready, Set, Grow!

June 22 - 25

9 a.m. - noon

How do you make your garden grow? Explore Discovery Hollow Garden and unearth the secrets that make gardens so special. We’ll make seed art, dig in soil and develop your green thumb. Dress to get dirty!

Animal Superheroes

June 29 - July 2

9 a.m. - noon

What can cut through trees, breathe underwater and fly through the sky? Animal superheroes! Explore the world through compound eyes, study creatures up-close and master a super-skill obstacle course. Discover your superpowers to become a superhero-in-training.

Ready, Set, Explore!

June 29 - July 2

9 a.m. - noon

Grab your backpack and field journal, and get ready for adventure. Lead the way on daily discovery hikes to meet plants and animals that call Tamarack home. Create your own spotting scope, join a sing-along, play games and of course, explore!

Slithering Secrets: Salamanders & Snakes

July 6 - 9

9 a.m. - noon

What does it feel like to slither like a snake or smile like a salamander? Discover how these amazing critters get around through games, live animal encounters and Tamarack trail treks.

Fabulous Flyers

July 13 - 16

9 a.m. - noon

Flyers abound! Butterflies, bats and birds are just some of the creatures you will explore. What do they eat? Where do they sleep? What makes them so fabulous? Let’s figure it out together!

Animal Babies

July 20 - 23

9 a.m. - noon

What’s cuter than a bug’s ear? Animal babies! From tad­poles to turtles, explore how animals raise their young, what it takes to survive into adulthood and the many ways animals care for their newborns.

Wild for Water

July 27 - 30

9 a.m. - noon

Join us as we go wild for water! Play games, ex­periment with and learn what lives within — you guessed it — water. You'll even get to play with snow in summer.


August 3 - 6

9 a.m. - noon

Can you walk like a Wuerhosaurus? Dine on a Diseratops? Leap like a Leptoceratops ? Go on a trek back in time as we delve into the world of dinosaurs. Learn all about the different types of dinos in this prehistoric camp. You may even meet a present day dino cousin.

Garden Harvesters

August 10 - 13

9 a.m. - noon

Help us tend the Discovery Hollow Garden. From tiny seeds to tall plants, get down and dirty in this garden adventure! Play garden games while tending to the plants, harvest the tasty garden treats and prepare for our very own farmer’s market.