Third – Fifth Grade Field Trips

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The following naturalist-led programs are available for preschool groups at Tamarack Nature Center.

Program descriptions

Cider Season
Celebrate the start of the school year with the taste of student-pressed apple cider. Students learn the important connections between bees, flowers and fruit, and go on a fall hike to investigate the traveling habits of seeds.
Offered September - November

The Adaptation Advantage
How do adaptations help plants and animals survive? Students decipher first-hand how traits are passed down from parents to offspring in a garden study of corn and radishes, then play games to highlight adapted characteristics in birds and learn their advantages.
Offered April - June

Aquatics, Inc.
Student scientists analyze the importance of water. Use tools of the trade to inventory aquatic invertebrates on a macro and microscopic level and play Macrobiotic Mayhem to help interpret the results.
Offered September - October and April - June

Backwoods Survival
Imagine being stranded in the wilderness! Students brainstorm survival strategies and then put their ideas into practice. Cooperation is essential in a race against time to construct a shelter in the woods and build a fire. How will you survive?
Offered September - June

Be Resourceful
Students team up to be resourceful and use engineering skills to harness renewable resources. Explore how humans impact renewable resources in a forestry study and how energy is transferred through nature’s food web.
Offered September - November and April - June

Fur Quest
For over 300 years, the North American fur trade brought indigenous peoples and Europeans together. Students reenact this cultural encounter in a trade post game and a voyageur expedition to reach the rendezvous.
Offered September - June

Landscapes have a geological story to tell, if you learn to read the clues! Students experiment with stream and glacier models to observe how sediments form. Examine rocks and play a game to learn how glaciers moved across Minnesota.
Offered September - November and April - June

Introduction to Nordic Ski
Don’t put up with cabin (or school) fever.. get outside and ski! This beginning lesson includes instruction and games to teach students how to balance, kick, glide and stop on skis. Note: At least 6 inches of snow is required to hold this program. Equipment rental fees apply.
Offered December - February

Students learn to interpret a map, orient it, judge scale and contours and then work in teams to find their way along a designated route. Success requires effective communication and decision-making skills to navigate the landscape.
Offered September - December and March - June

Prairie Smoke
Adaptations abound in a prairie ecosystem! Students determine how plants and animals are specialized to fulfil their needs in this harsh environment. Examine plants and create art featuring the unique characteristics of forbs and grasses.
Offered September - November and April - June

Go With the Flow
Unlock the mystery of water as students become a droplet on an incredible journey! Engage in a community role play to test and evaluate water resources in the play stream before exploring the nature center grounds for evidence of water in action.
Offered September - October and April - June

Sugar Tree
With cold nights and warming days, maple sap begins to flow at Tamarack Nature Center. Learn the vital role of maple trees and the history of sweet maple syrup. Students participate in all parts of the syrup process: tapping, collecting, evaporating and, of course, sampling!
Offered in March

Wetland Wonders
Come explore Tamarack Nature Center’s wetlands to find out what makes them special. Students determine unique plant characteristics, examine soil and run simple tests. Do you know what makes them worth protecting?
Offered September - November and April - June

What’s for Lunch
Mammals have varied teeth to help them catch and process food. Students crack the code of animal adaptation as they examine skulls and teeth to identify herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Hike to find signs of animal feeding behavior.
Offered September - June