Community Partners

Boys Totem Town collaborates with numerous community organizations that provide treatment, resources and culturally-specific services to residents.

  • 180 Degrees: Completes chemical dependency assessments, treats residents, and provides chemical health aftercare services.
  • Boys and Girls Clubs: Conducts recreational activities and develops positive relationships with clients. 
  • Circle of Peace: Facilitates culturally based group discussions.
  • Family Tree Clinic: Conducts human sexuality classes and provides community resources.
  • HIRED/Building Lives: Provides comprehensive training and employment services.
  • Hmong American Partnership: Conducts weekly support groups for residents at Boys Totem Town and at the Hmong American Partnership for aftercare residents.
  • MAP: Provide educational mentoring services using the Check and Connect model.
  • Mosaic on a Stick: Worked with residents to promote community engagement through art. Residents designed and installed a mosaic for a building in downtown Saint Paul.
  • Page & Flowers: Helps residents care for the onsite garden and facilities a community farmers market.
  • Ramsey County Public Health: Provides daily medical services and conducts health, hygiene and human sexuality classes.
  • Saint Paul Police Department: Takes residents on field trips and facilitates other on-site activities to promote positive relationships with law enforcement.
  • Saint Paul Fire Department: Provides the Fireman’s Explore program and a 12-week course to learn how to be an EMT.
  • Saint Paul Public Schools: Provides education services.
  • Save Our Sons: Provides ongoing educational content focused on youth engagement and development.
  • Salvation Army: Offers weekly volunteer opportunities for residents.
  • Sierra Club: Exposes kids to the outdoors through hiking, fishing, and other nature activites.
  • Urban Boat Builders: Teaches students drafting, technical reading, carpentry skills, and social skills as they work together as a team to build a boat. Students have built canoes, solar-powered boats, kayaks, and rowboats. Some of the boats are used for camping trips and off-grounds experiences, while others are auctioned off with the proceeds helping to support the continuation of the program. Urban Boat Builders also provides continued boat-building training and mentoring for students as a part of the aftercare program.
  • Volunteers in Corrections: Assists with programming in a variety of places including co-facilitating groups, tutoring clients, and conducting spiritual programs.