County Road H - I-35W Interchange

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County Road H was reconstructed from Old Highway 8 (CSAH 77) to the easterly I-35W ramp terminal as well as the County Road H/Highway 10/County Road 10 intersection. County Road H now includes a new wider bridge over I-35W with two traffic lanes in each direction and a regional trail for bicycles and pedestrians. An off-ramp from I-35W northbound directly to County Road H was constructed. The US Highway 10 westbound ramp to I-35W northbound was reconstructed to go over the new County Road H ramp. The project also included construction of a noisewall along I-35W southbound between County Road I and County Road H2.

Two roundabouts, one at each ramp terminal on either side of I-35W, were constructed. The roundabouts provide improved access, keep traffic moving and decrease chances of severe accidents at intersections. If you are not quite sure how roundabouts work, read this MnDOT article on navigating roundabouts to learn how drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists can navigate them quickly and easily.

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