Maryland Avenue Resurfacing

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Test project: 4-to-3 lane conversion 

Ramsey County temporarily changed the stripes on Maryland Avenue between Payne Avenue and Johnson Parkway to test impacts of converting from a 4-to-3 lane road for improved safety. Impacts evaluated will include traffic speed and volume, bus delays and pedestrian crossings. Maryland Avenue is open to traffic during the test project. 

Medians at Greenbrier and Duluth streets were added and eliminate the ability to cross Maryland Avenue at these intersections. Left turns from Maryland Avenue to Greenbrier and Duluth streets are eliminated.

Project information

Maryland Avenue (County Road 31) will be resurfaced between Greenbrier Street and Johnson Parkway in Saint Paul to create smoother and safer driving in summer 2017. Land surveying crews will work in the project area prior to, during and immediately after construction. 

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