I-694/Rice Street Design & Roundabouts

I-694/Rice Street Interchange design
I-694/Rice Street Interchange design

The new I-694/Rice Street interchange design uses a series of three roundabouts to improve traffic flow and safety for all interchange users.

Multiple layouts for the interchange were considered during the planning process. The design with roundabouts was selected as the most safe, efficient and cost-effective way to address the growing volume of traffic in the area while minimizing the impact to adjacent properties.

About 20,000 vehicles currently use the interchange on a daily basis. Traffic is expected to grow to more than 25,000 vehicles per day by 2040.

Visit the analysis and design planning website for meeting summaries and documents.

Design benefits

  • Roundabouts slow down vehicles, which protects pedestrians and bicyclists and reduces the number and severity of crashes. Studies show roundabouts decrease crashes by 39% and fatal crashes by 89%.
  • Traditional intersections with traffic signals don't work well with the large amount of traffic traveling through the Rice Street/I-694 interchange. Roundabouts will keep traffic moving continuously in all directions and create less backups than traffic signals. Studies show roundabouts reduce traffic delay by 20 to 30%.
  • The new design directs all traffic entering and exiting I-694 to one roundabout so traffic can get on and off the interstate more quickly.
  • Navigating a roundabout is easier for pedestrians and bicyclists because oncoming traffic is only from one direction.

Watch the video about to learn more about roundabout safety features.

Additional roundabout information from the Minnesota Department of Transportation

Traffic simulations

These video simulations represent projected traffic volumes in 2040 on the Rice Street corridor for the morning and afternoon rush hours: