Silver Lake Road Pedestrian Median

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A new pedestrian median is proposed for the Rice Creek Regional Trail crossing on Silver Lake Road in New Brighton. Button activated flashing pedestrian signs will also be installed at the crossing. 

The proposed median is a result of a recent safety review of the trail and the Minnesota Commercial Railroad crossing. The median will improve both highway and pedestrian safety. 

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Construction has been delayed until spring 2020 due to design changes.

As part of the project, new gate arms will be installed at the railroad crossing. We’re currently working on a revised gate arm design that will leave a safe amount of clearance for the overhead power lines. Thank you for your patience as we work through this design process.


Silver Lake Road will remain open to traffic with one lane open in each direction throughout construction.

Rectangular rapid flash beacon

Flashing pedestrian signs

The new rapid flash pedestrian signs will alert cars to stop after a pedestrian pushes a button to cross the road.