Pre-Project Development Study

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Following a three-year development and evaluation process coupled with extensive public engagement activities, a policy committee recommended a 13-mile bus rapid transit or "BRT" route between the downtowns of Saint Paul and White Bear Lake as the locally preferred alternative or "LPA." The LPA is the transit investment alternative that best meets the purpose and need for the project and is competitive for funding through the Federal Transit Administration’s New/Small Starts capital funding program. The Rush Line Corridor was evaluated for bus and rail alternatives within the 30-mile study area between Forest Lake and Union Depot in downtown Saint Paul beginning in 2014. The evaluation, called a "pre-project development study" built on the 2009 Rush Line Corridor Alternatives Analysis which identified two promising transit corridors within Interstate 35E/35 and the Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority right-of-way. 

The next phase of the project is called the “Environmental Analysis Phase” and will begin in 2018

The pre-project development study was a joint local and regional planning effort conducted by the Rush Line Corridor Task Force and led by the Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority. 

Final documents