Larpenteur Avenue Resurfacing & Three-Lane Conversion

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A new, smooth layer of pavement will be added to Larpenteur Avenue between Dale Street and Interstate 35E in Maplewood, Roseville and Saint Paul and the road will be permanently striped as a three-lane road with bike lanes.

The project will also include minor utility updates, maintenance on the Jackson Street traffic signal and upgrading the existing railroad crossing.

Land surveying crews will be working in the project area before, during and immediately after construction.

There will be no cost to property owners for this project.

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Paving is complete and temporary stripes have been added to the road. Work to add ground-in, high-durability stripes to the road will continue into November.

Signage installation and final site cleanup will last through November.

The new rapid flashing beacon for the pedestrian crossing at Sylvan Street is expected to be installed in November.


Temporary lane shifts may be in place. 

Project background

Pedestrian and signal updates

Permanent pedestrian crossings will also be built at Mackubin Street, Cumberland Street, Galtier Street and Woodbridge Court to replace the temporary crossings built in 2019.

The traffic signal at Sylvan Street will be replaced with a rapid flashing beacon and marked crossing for pedestrians and bicyclists at the Trout Brook Regional Trail. Users will be able to push a button to activate the beacon and signal to traffic that a pedestrian is crossing the road. The amount of traffic at this intersection does not require a signal, and the existing signal was originally installed in 1999 as a way to help trail users cross Larpenteur Avenue. Since then, new technology – including the rapid flashing beacon – has been developed that helps pedestrians safely cross without a full traffic signal.

2019 4-to-3 lane trial results

In August 2019, Larpenteur Avenue between Dale Street and Rice Street was temporarily restriped from a four-lane road to a three-lane road with one lane in each direction, a center left-turn lane, pedestrian crossings and bike lanes. Community feedback and walking, biking and driving data collected during the trial period supports the decision to permanently convert the road to three lanes in alignment with the county’s All-Abilities Transportation Network. Data collected during the trial will be available in March.

The project team will continue to observe walking, biking and driving operations on Larpenteur Avenue as the project moves forward.

Ramsey County is in the initial stages of a comprehensive review of all undivided four-lane county roads to analyze the impacts of converting them to three-lane roads to improve pedestrian and roadway safety. Learn more about 4-to-3 lane conversions.


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