Maryland Avenue 4-to-3-Lane Conversion

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Maryland Avenue between Arkwright Street and Greenbrier Street in Saint Paul will be permanently striped as a three-lane road to improve safety for all users. Permanent pedestrian crossings will be constructed at Desoto Street.

A new, smooth layer of pavement will also be added to the road to extend the life of the driving surface.

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Construction is underway and expected to last through October.

Work will take place on the sidewalk and curbs during the week of Sept. 21, and the road will be paved Friday overnight.

Overnight work Sept. 25

Overnight work is is scheduled for the evening of Friday, Sept. 25 from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. to add a new, smooth layer of pavement to the road. Construction noise may be heard from homes and businesses, and bright lights will be used in the project zone.

Short-term intersection closures will also be in place overnight during paving. Thank you for your patience, and please plan ahead for delays and use alternate routes when possible.

Driveway access will be maintained.


Temporary lane closures and shifts may be in place during construction.

Permanent traffic changes

The permanent design includes the intersection restrictions that were put in place during the 2019 trial to accommodate the eastbound merge at Clark Street and the enhanced pedestrian crossing at Desoto Street.

Intersection restrictions

The lane reduction for eastbound Maryland Avenue will remain in place between Arkwright Street and Desoto Street. To minimize potential conflicts:

  • Left turns are not allowed to/from Maryland Avenue.
  • Northbound/southbound drivers on Clark Street are not able to cross over Maryland Avenue.

The enhanced pedestrian crossing with a median refuge will remain in place at the Maryland Avenue and Desoto Street intersection. To accommodate the enhanced pedestrian crossing at Desoto Street:

  • Left turns are not allowed to/from Maryland Avenue.
  • Northbound/southbound vehicles on Desoto Street are not able to cross over Maryland Avenue.

2019 4-to-3 trial summary

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