Cleveland Avenue Reconstruction

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Cleveland Avenue will be reconstructed from Como Avenue to Larpenteur Avenue in the cities of Saint Paul and Falcon Heights. The reconstruction will replace aging pavement, stormwater infrastructure and city utilities (water main and sanitary sewer).

Following community meetings, the design team identified a road layout with one driving lane in each direction, one bike lane in each direction and a multi-use path on the east side of Cleveland Avenue.

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Utility work is complete. Additional site work and cleanup will continue through late fall.

Work remains underway to transfer land ownership from the University of Minnesota to Ramsey County before major reconstruction can begin. This legal work has taken longer than anticipated and delayed the start of construction.

Construction is currently expected to begin in spring 2022 and last through fall 2023. 


Cleveland Avenue has reopened to through traffic from Dudley Avenue to Larpenteur Avenue.

Additional closures and detours will be in place in 2022 and 2023.

Utility replacement information

Water replacement

Much of the existing drinking water distribution system along Cleveland Avenue is more than 100 years old and has reached the end of useful life. During reconstruction of the roadway, Saint Paul Regional Water Services (SPRWS) will replace more than one mile of cast iron water main and all lead water services within the project right-of-way. Temporary water lines will be constructed during the project to supply homes and businesses with high quality drinking water while the water main is being replaced.

Property owners are responsible for the portion of water service pipe within private property and may choose to replace that portion of their lead water service by hiring a utility contractor, the cost of which may be assessed to property taxes. If you are interested in replacing the portion of lead service line on your property during this project, please contact SPRWS engineering division at 651-266-6270 for information about the voluntary assessment. Residents are encouraged to visit the SPRWS website to find more information about lead and drinking water.

Sewer service replacement

As part of the project, Saint Paul Sewer Utility Division will replace both sanitary sewer and storm sewer infrastructure. The replacement includes manhole/drainage structure repair and sewer pipe segment repair. Since the roadway will be reconstructed, it provides property owners along the Cleveland Avenue corridor an opportunity to replace their sanitary sewer service line.

In Saint Paul, property owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their private sewer pipes that exit their homes and terminate at the public sewer under the street.

If you have an older private sewer pipe (50+ years), have had a sewer backup in your basement, or have a need to have your private sewer pipe routinely cleaned of roots, you should consider having your private sewer pipe replaced during this project. This will offer a significant cost saving because you will not have to pay the street restoration cost.

The city of Saint Paul has a financial assistance program available to property owners with the unexpected cost of sewer repairs. Property owners can anticipate future mailings from the city about the potential replacement as the project progresses.