County Road B2 & Lexington Avenue Intersection Improvements FAQs

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Why is this project necessary?

The goal is to improve safety conditions at the intersection of County Road B2 and Lexington Avenue by upgrading the pedestrian crossings to full ADA compliance, modern signal, adding left and right turn lanes to County Road B2. This will improve safety, reduce congestion and better control traffic from Roseville Area High School.

How long will construction last?

Construction is expected to take place during the 2022 construction season and is anticipated to be complete by fall 2022.

Will the roadway be closed, and will we need to use a detour?

We do not anticipate closing the road for an extended period of time. Traffic lanes will be shifted and may be narrowed during some periods. Residents can expect some delays and flagging during the resurfacing process. Anticipate a couple of nighttime and/or weekend closures for the installation of new pipes under the road.

What are the contractors anticipated working hours?

The contractors working hours are typically from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday through Friday; however, some night and Saturday work can be expected to avoid closing the road during the day and weekdays.

Will bike lanes be incorporated into the project?

Striped 5-foot wide shoulders are included in the proposed design and  reflect the goals of Ramsey County's Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

Will I be able to get in and out of my driveway during the project?

You will have access to your property at most times throughout the construction process. There may be times when you will not have direct driveway access and may need to park on the street (e.g., the contractor is working in front of your home to install new curb and gutter or reconstruct your driveway). You will be notified prior to any work that will impact your driveway.

How will the county communicate project progress and updates with residents?

Project details and updates will be shared on the project website, which includes an online map where residents can provide feedback. In-person or virtual open houses will be held to discuss the project with the community. You can also subscribe to project email updates.