County Road E & Old Snelling Avenue Intersection

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A study is underway on the intersection of County Road E (Lake Johanna Boulevard) and Old Snelling Avenue in Arden Hills to identify a new design that improves safety conditions and traffic flow. Construction of the intersection is planned for 2023.

A design with a single lane roundabout that would offer safety and operational benefits was previously considered in 2018. Traffic volumes have changed since that study, and this project will reevaluate design options for the intersection with updated data and forecasting to identify a design that will work better now and in the future.

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Project goals

Community engagement

Proposed roundabout

The current recommended design for the intersection includes a roundabout. A roundabout is the best option to reduce congestion and improve safety. It also fits well into the right-of-way.

Roundabouts are increasingly being used in road designs for several reasons.

  • Roundabouts slow down vehicles, which protects pedestrians and bicyclists and reduces the number and severity of crashes. Studies show roundabouts decrease crashes by 39% and fatal crashes by 89%.
  • Roundabouts keep traffic moving continuously in all directions and create less backups than traffic signals. Studies show roundabouts reduce traffic delays by 20 to 30%.
  • Navigating a roundabout is easier for pedestrians and bicyclists because oncoming traffic is only from one direction.


Learn more about roundabout safety features in the short video below based on the I-694 and Rice Street interchange.

View additional roundabout information from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.