County Road E & Old Snelling Avenue Intersection

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The intersection of Old Snelling and County Road E/Lake Johanna Boulevard will be reconstructed in 2023. The construction of this project will be combined with two other construction projects in the vicinity:

  • Resurfacing of Old Snelling from north of the roundabout to 200 feet south of Lakeshore Place.
  • Mounds View High School Trail Improvements on Old Snelling from County Road E2 to Lake Valentine Road and on Lake Valentine Road from Old Snelling to 350 east of Janet Court.

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Project goals

Community engagement

Proposed roundabout

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Planning and community engagement: 2021-2022
Construction has begun. Contractors onsite.

  • Watermain and roundabout are complete.
  • Construction on Old Snelling south of the roundabout is ongoing.
  • The restoration of the pond outlet to Lake Johanna is completed and has been restored to regular functioning. 

Traffic Impact

County Road E is open to traffic.

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