2021 Budget Responses to Public Questions

During the 2021 supplemental budget process, questions in the following topic areas were raised by commissioners or members of the public. Please see questions and responses below. 

Questions from Nov. 30 budget hearing

The 2021 Property Tax and Budget hearing (“Truth in Taxation”) was held on Nov. 30, 2020.

Tax and value information and questions

In September, the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners approved a maximum property tax levy of $326 million to finance the 2021 supplemental budget, which calls for total spending of $747 million.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 on residents and businesses, the 4.5% property tax levy increase for 2021 that had been previously approved in December 2019 as part of the 2020-2021 biennial budget has been reduced to 0%. The amount of money generated through property taxes will not increase in 2020.

The property taxes for specific residential, commercial and apartment properties may have increased or decreased due to changes in property values. When market values increase in a neighborhood or for a property type – such as commercial – this can change how much a given property pays based on its share of the levy. Learn more in this video about understanding your property taxes and value:

  • English – Understanding Your Property Taxes and Values
  • Hmoob - Totaub Txog Cov Se Tsev thiab Lub Tsev Muaj Nqis Li Cas
  • Karen
  • Soomaali - Fahamka Cashuuraha iyo Qiimaha Hantidaada Maguurtada
  • Español - Comprendiendo los Impuestos y Valores de Su Propiedad

If you have questions about changes in your property taxes or market value, please contact the County Assessor’s Office at 651-266-2131.

What is the Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority levy?

The Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority works on various transit and transit-oriented development projects that address the region’s needs for mobility, improved transportation affordability, mitigation of traffic congestion, and enhanced environmental quality. The authority also oversees Union Depot in downtown Saint Paul. Organized under Minnesota Statute 398, it is considered a separate taxing district from Ramsey County.  

What are the other local levies and state general tax listed on the statement?

The specific taxing authorities and districts listed on your statement vary depending on your address.

Learn more about taxing districts and taxing authorities in Ramsey County.

The state general tax is a statewide property tax levied by the State of Minnesota on commercial, industrial and seasonal properties. These taxes are paid to the State of Minnesota and go to the State General Fund with a portion used to fund school-related expenditures.

Can additional funding be shifted to Financial Assistance Services from areas such as the Sheriff’s Office given the impacts of COVID-19?

In order to move from the approved 4.5% property levy increase in 2021 to the proposed 0% increase due to the impacts of COVID-19, county Service Teams and departments were challenged to reduce 2021 budgets. The few departments that were excepted from these budget reductions in anticipation of increased demand due to COVID-19 in 2021 include Financial Assistance Services. Page 145-149 in the budget book provide information on Financial Assistance Services (PDF).   

In 2020 – through Ramsey County Investment and Support Efforts (RISE) – the county is investing $42.2 million in federal CARES Act funding on financial assistance programs to provide assistance to individuals and families in need.

When was the Nov. 30 budget hearing moved to a virtual-only event?

The hearing was originally planned to offer options for people to attend both virtually and in person at the Union Depot Red Cap Room. This information was included in the proposed property tax statement mailing that was printed and mailed the week of Nov. 16

Following Governor Walz’s Dial Back, Minnesota executive order 20-99, which was issued on Nov. 18, the event was switched to a virtual-only format to comply with public health guidelines around in-person gatherings. The change was posted to the Ramsey County website, including the ramseycounty.us/PublicHearings page that was listed on the mailed insert, shared on social media and reflected in the print and digital ads promoting the hearing in the Pioneer Press. Signs about the change was also posted at Union Depot the evening of Nov. 30.

Questions from Service Team hearings (August – September)

Questions are grouped by department.

Financial Assistance Services

Veterans Services

Information and Public Records Administration

Property Tax & Election Services

Attorney's Office

Sheriff's Office

Medical Examiner


Public Works

Parks & Recreation


Property Management

Community & Economic Development