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Public health wants to hear from you

We'd like to know what helps you, your family and community stay healthy. We'd also like to learn what gets in the way of health and well-being. Your feedback will help determine what's important to residents about community needs. The information collected will be used to improve services and programs by city and county planners, schools, neighborhood groups and other organizations.

Community survey

Earlier this year, Public Health’s Community Health Assessment team conducted online and in-person surveys completed by 2,100 people. This survey is now closed and staff is analyzing the information collected. Here are a few comments Ramsey County residents included in their surveys:

Q:  What helps you stay healthy?
A:  Exercise and activity: visits to the gym 2-3 times per week, walking in our neighborhood, walking in parks (Snail Lake area), bicycle (I FEEL SAFER biking on trails instead of roads). Good food. (White male, 65-74 y/o, 55126)

Q:  What keep you from being healthy? 
A:  Family stress; not making time for exercise and good diet; work stress (White female, 45-54 y/o, 55119)

Q:  What helps your family stay healthy?
A:  …being together and having fun, going for walks, each having five minutes to talk about our day without interruption.  (White female, 15-19, 55108)

Q:  What keeps your family from being healthy?
A:  Isolation- don't connect with each others, language barriers, taking too much medications and no support. (Oromo female, 35-44, 55114)

Q:  What helps your community stay healthy?
A:  Event[s] to bring everyone together to show love and support for short-comings and extending love and outreach to one another.  Whether a new year event or wedding or even funerals.  (Asian/Hmong, Female, 45-54, 55107)

Q: What keeps your community from being healthy?
A:  Not enough affordable housing.  (Hispanic/Latino and American Indian/Alaskan Native, female, veteran, 55-64, 55106)

Why this is important

Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health is committed to providing a healthy community where all are valued. The county continually collects and analyzes a variety of data to identify current trends and health concerns. This survey is key to hearing directly from residents about their health needs and the needs they see in their communities.

Get the survey results

After the survey is completed, we will be publishing a summary of the results and sharing it back with the community. Sign up below if you'd like to get an email when the survey results are ready and to also find out what we'll be doing next to create a plan for improving our community's health. 

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