Landmark Center Public Restroom Renovation

Landmark Center - Musser Cortile
Landmark Center - Musser Cortile

Project overview

Ramsey County received $330,000 in state bonding to match county funds from the 2017 Comprehensive Capital Assets Management and Preservation Plan (CCAMP) previously approved for restroom improvements at Landmark Center. This project is part of a multi-year capital improvement plan that began in 2014 with structural stabilization. Past improvements involve roof rebuilding and extensive exterior masonry work. The restroom phase of the project will make all restrooms handicap accessible, bring all existing restrooms up to code, and allow for additional restroom stalls and sink surfaces. Two new family restrooms will also be added. Landmark Center's restrooms were last updated in the 1970s when the building underwent major renovation, and only minor and routine maintenance has occurred since. 

Funding will be used for:

  • Demolition.
  • Reconfiguration of the toilet and sink fixtures to increase capacity. 
  • Inclusion of two family-style restrooms.
  • Upgrade of all finishes including floor and wall tile, ceilings, painted walls, toilet partitions, solid-surface countertops, and replacement of toilets, sinks and bathroom accessories. 
  • Reconfiguration of plumbing, ventilation and lighting. 


Project design and pre-engineering have been completed. The final implementation and construction is contingent on approval of matching state bonding to complete the project, which is anticipated to be in fall 2018.


Landmark Center has been a vital location in downtown Saint Paul for more than 100 years. During its history, it has functioned as a federal court building, center for community arts and cultural activities, offices and meeting spaces to local organizations and more. It was officially designated as a National Historic Monument by the National Park Service in 1972. The bonding and local matching funds are an investment in a historic community asset that is active year-round and heavily used by the public during the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, WinterSkate and the Ordway's International Children's Festival. 

Nearly all of the Landmark Center's community programs are free and open to the public, making them broadly accessible to people of all ages, incomes and educational backgrounds. 

Existing and proposed restrooms

Current restrooms