State v. Sylvia Vergara

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  • October 4, 2016: Ms. Vergara was sentenced to 50 months in prison. $1,000 restitution was ordered for each of the 24 victims. Additional restitution was also ordered.


  • Defendant: Sylvia Anna Vergara​
  • Offense: identity theft and fifteen counts of mail theft
  • Case number: 62 CR 15-7131
  • Hearings/Court Appearances:
    • November 17, 2015: First appearance with an attorney
    • June 10, 2016: Hearing
    • June 21, 2016: Plea Hearing (Pled guilty to Identity Theft)
  • Victims in this case are welcome to attend all hearings, but are not required to do so. 
  • If you plan to attend the sentencing hearing, please contact our office.
  • Subpoena: please call the number listed on your subpoena as soon as your receive your subpoena so our office can follow up with you
  • Sentencing hearing scheduled for July 27
  • A warrant has been issued for Sylvia Vergara as she failed to appear for her July 27, 2016 sentencing hearing.