Ramsey County and the 2020 Census

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The U.S. Constitution requires a census of all people living in the United States every 10 years.

A complete, accurate census count is necessary for equal political representation, fair distribution of federal and state funding, and sound planning and investment in infrastructure, real estate, business development, and public policy.

An important opportunity

Ramsey County has a wealth of diversity, including diverse racial and ethnic communities, thriving immigrant and refugee communities, a large student population, and many English-language learners.

However, the Census has disproportionately undercounted such communities in the past. Both past and projected response rates show that broad areas of Ramsey County, especially Saint Paul, are at risk of being undercounted. Low-wealth areas are particularly vulnerable.

Moreover, if a question on citizenship is added to the 2020 Census, it could suppress participation and result in an undercount of our immigrant and refugee communities. According to the American Community Survey, Ramsey County has a foreign-born population of 15 percent. Saint Paul’s foreign-born population is nearly 19 percent.

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