Census Response Rates Maps

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The 2020 Census response rates are updated daily on the U.S. Census Bureau's response rate map and show nationwide responses. In addition, information can be viewed by state, county, city and census tract.

The Ramsey County 2020 Census Response Map is updated daily with self-response rates in Ramsey County. Each color-coded area represents a census tract. Click on any census tract for the current response rate and detailed 2018 demographic data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

The Response Outreach Area Mapper (ROAM), an interactive web mapping tool, helps users see the areas that may be harder to count in the 2020 Census. It shows local census tracts shaded according to their Low Response Scores (LRS), which represent the predicted percentage of households that will not self-respond in the 2020 Census. Click on the census tracts for more information about the people who live there.

Additional resources

  • Saint Paul predicted response rates (PDF) 
    • Shows Saint Paul’s 2010 response rates and predicted 2020 response rates, as well as the city’s ward boundaries and district councils.