Strategic Actions to Build Prosperity

Ramsey County recognizes that it is a major institution within the community that can lead, shape and influence progress to enhance prosperity for all of its residents and business. Recognizing the county’s important role as a community leader and partner, County Manager Julie Kleinschmidt unveiled a set of twelve strategic actions around which the county is organizing its work to ensure that the organization’s vision of enhancing prosperity transforms into reality. These strategic actions, now in their second year of implementation, are constantly being re-evaluated and improved as the work progresses, and an updated version of the strategic action plan is publicly presented to the County Board every spring.

In an effort to align the strategic actions and ensure that Ramsey County is looking at all areas of influence within the organization, the 2015 edition of the strategic actions plan divided the work into the areas four areas (As a Major Service Provider, As a Major Purchaser, As a Major Employer and As Service Teams). The specific actions within each of the areas are listed below, and each action is one that is intended to be both significant on its own and even more meaningful when implemented in coordination with the other strategic actions outlined in the plan.

As a major service provider

As a major purchaser of goods and services

As a major employer

As Service Teams within a large organization