Open and Accessible Public Data

Ramsey County will advance greater transparency and accountability in county government by providing data online in a meaningful and accessible format.

Why this is a priority

Ramsey County is committed to being a resident-centered organization that delivers greater transparency and accountability in government. Open and accessible public data provides opportunities to partner with the community to develop innovative solutions, improve the quality of data and analysis, assist stakeholders and county staff with their work, and proactively disclose frequently requested public information. 

Building on previous work and lessons learned

This priority is led by the Information and Public Records Service Team and carries forward from the 2016 Ramsey County Strategic Plan, in which the acquisition of a tool and development of a rollout strategy were the key deliverables. Funding for the Open and Accessible Public Data project was approved by the county board in 2016 and significant progress was made on three planning tracks: contract development and vendor engagement, content management, and policy environment. The county board provided policy direction and feedback during a November 2016 board workshop. As of January 2017, the county has finalized a contract with the selected vendor and developed a phased rollout strategy.

Ensure that equity is a priority

Engagement with the community is vital to ensuring that the County’s Open and Accessible Public Data Project supports the needs of a diverse community and is reflective of the county’s resident-centered focus. The 2017 implementation of the project’s Community Engagement Plan will enhance awareness and provide regular, meaningful and representative input from residents to maximize the use and effectiveness of this investment in Open and Accessible Public Data.

2017 action items

  1. Implement the open data portal tool according to the rollout strategy.
  2. Transition from a project to the operational support plan, including implementation of open data governance and policies.

Goals supported 

Well-being, prosperity, opportunity and accountability